AL-KO’s Showcase at the 2023 Caravan & Camping Leisurefest

AL-KO Tow Assist at Leisurefest

If you were at the Melbourne Caravan & Camping Leisurefest in October this year, you may have missed some incredible demonstrations of our new products out on the track and on the RV master stage.

The annual Melbourne Caravan & Camping Leisurefest is a mecca for all things caravanning and draws in thousands of touring and four-wheel drive enthusiasts, and this year’s event held on the weekend of 5–8 October 2023 at Sandown Racecourse was a great success. The 2023 show gave us the opportunity to share some of the latest information on our products and demonstrate how they work to the public. It’s been an incredible journey showcasing our latest innovations and connecting with the caravan community. AL-KO takes pride in being at the forefront of caravan and RV technology, and this event was a testament to our commitment to enhancing your travel experiences.

Introducing the AL-KO Tow Assist with ABS

Alongside a wide and popular range of caravans, our demonstration, which was executed by Darren Hosac from Driver Dynamics, a seasoned race car driver, proved the remarkable capabilities of the AL-KO Tow Assist. This system, equipped with an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), is a game-changer in caravan towing safety.

AL-KO Tow Assist Showcase at Leisurefest

We showcased the stark difference in caravan control with and without the Tow Assist’s ABS feature. Darren illustrated how managing a caravan without the system, especially during an emergency braking situation, can be quite challenging. The energy of a skidding caravan poses risks, essentially travelling faster than the deaccelerating tow vehicle and wanting to over-rotate past the car, making it difficult to control.

With the Tow Assist’s ABS activated, however, the caravan and car track are straight, ensuring maximum braking efficiency, control and safety. This feature is particularly crucial in sudden braking scenarios, preventing the caravan from locking up and ensuring it remains aligned and stable and under the control of the driver.

Craig Henry provided further insights into the benefits of the Tow Assist system. The ABS prevents tyre flat spotting during high-speed travel and effectively manages sudden sways caused by external factors like gusts of wind. In emergency situations, the system applies maximum braking power without locking the brakes, ensuring maximum traction and safety. It also has Evasive Action Control (EAC) intervention in an erratic movement or swerve, like dodging a kangaroo. And has a digital odometer for accurate readings on travel distances, assisting routine maintenance is performed as needed.

Showcasing the new AL-KO Enduro X Air Suspension

Another highlight was our latest upgrade, the Enduro X Air Suspension. This new improved variant of our offroad, all-terrain suspension system includes coil and airbag, enhancing its performance significantly. We’ve conducted extensive testing on all levels of terrain to ensure its durability and reliability. The Enduro X Air offers a market-leading 140mm of wheel travel and maintains the same load-carrying capacity as our previous options, ensuring your caravan is always “glued to the ground”, no matter the terrain.

AL-KO-Leisurefest-2023 Enduro X Air

We also displayed our larger twin-axle chassis, featuring the new Enduro coat. This hard, durable, four stage industrial coating, aesthetically pleasing in black, provides extra protection against stone chips and corrosion, extending the life of the chassis. All AL-KO Australia chassis designs are made in Australia, and we’re capable of quickly customising them to meet specific caravan builder needs.

Wrap up

At this year’s Melbourne Leisurefest, Victoria’s largest caravan lifestyle show, AL-KO was proud to demonstrate our commitment to innovation, safety and quality, by directly demonstrating the products you’ve grown to love. The Tow Assist with ABS and the Enduro X Air Suspension are just two examples of how we constantly work to enhance your caravan and RV experiences. We thank everyone who joined us at the event and look forward to continuing to serve the caravan community with our advanced solutions.

Until next time, travel safely and enjoy the journey with AL-KO!