—Tow Assist

Introducing The World's First Caravan Braking System
With ABS And Sway Mitigation.

Developed in collaboration with Bosch, Tow Assist brings the most advanced automotive level safety systems to caravans to protect you and all the important things in your life. Combining electric ABS brakes, sway mitigation and evasive action control technology in a world’s first for caravans… With AL-KO and Bosch, you’re in safe hands.

AL-KO Tow Assist mascot

Why ABS is critical to road safety.

ABS is a superior braking technology with proven evidence to reduce crashes and serious injury. Bringing this level of safety to the caravan industry ensures our caravans are the safest in the world and you’re protecting your investment and family.

Electric ABS Brakes

Sway Mitigation

Evasive Action Control

Towable Odometer

Helping to Build The World's Safest Caravans with Tow Assist

AL-KO has stood at the forefront of the towing industry for over 75 years, constantly striving to deliver quality innovation for its customers, all in the service of making their ride more enjoyable, and most importantly, safer.
AL-KO, in partnership with Bosch, is helping to build the world’s safest caravans, with industry-leading design, engineering, and manufacturing across a wide range of products. That’s why if the caravan you buy today is made with quality AL-KO components, then you can trust that it is safer than any caravan that’s come before. Look out for the “Helping To Build The World’s Safest Caravans” sticker when purchasing your next caravan.
AL-KO delivers safety, comfort and pleasure; that’s what we mean when we say Quality For Life, and we’ll keep helping to build the world’s safest caravans.

— Brands Fitting AL-KO Tow Assist

AL-KO Tow Assist is now available as a feature on new caravans purchased from the manufacturers listed below.
If you are buying a new caravan from one of these brands, insist with the dealer that Tow Assist is included in your caravan build.

— Is Your Van Tow Assist Ready? Register Your Interest.

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