Introducing The Worlds First Caravan ABS and Sway Mitigation System

Developed in collaboration with Bosch, Tow Assist brings the most advanced automotive level safety systems to caravans, protecting you and all the important things in your life. Combining electric ABS brakes, sway mitigation, and evasive action control technology, Tow Assist is the world’s first stability control system for caravans, enhancing towing safety like nothing else on the market.

tow assist ECU
Tow Assist is a sophisticated safety system that integrates into your caravan chassis and electric brake system. The ECU utilises individual wheel speed sensors and accelerometers to prevent wheel lock-up in an emergency brake situation or intervene with calculated assistance to aid the operator during a sway event or evasive maneuver.

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Why ABS is critical to road safety.

ABS is a superior braking technology with proven evidence to reduce crashes and serious injury. Bringing this level of safety to the caravan industry ensures our caravans are the safest in the world and you’re protecting your investment and family.

Bosch developed ABS and have now collaborated with AL-KO to bring this safety technology to the towable market


Electric ABS Brakes

Sway Mitigation

Evasive Action Control

Towable Odometer

Benefits of Tow Assist:

Engineered by industry leaders Bosch and AL-KO for Australian conditions

Enhances towing safety and driver confidence
Increases control in emergency brake situations and avoidance maneuvers

Eliminates tyre lock-up on the caravan

Supported with a smartphone app, providing easy system monitoring and assistance

Easy-to-read forward-facing LED status light for simple recognition during travel

Compatible with in-cab electric brake controllers

Available for single or tandem axles

Powered from the house battery to ensure power is supplied every trip

Pass-through braking with no interference to your normal braking or controller settings.

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