Brüder & AL-KO Vehicle Technology partner on towing safety technology

Brüder to supply Tow Assist ABS & Sway mitigation technology as an option on upcoming EXP-4 & EXP-6 expedition trailers

AL-KO Vehicle Technology Australia & New Zealand has announced that it has partnered with innovative Australian manufacturer Brüder to supply its revolutionary new Tow Assist ABS & Sway mitigation technology as an option on upcoming EXP-4 & EXP-6 expedition trailers.

Developed by AL-KO in collaboration with leading automotive supplier Bosch, Tow Assist is world’s first technology that brings advanced automotive level safety systems to caravans, including Anti-lock Braking (ABS), sway mitigation and a towable odometer.

The announcement of Brüder offering AL-KO Tow Assist as an option on specific models continues the strong interest in Tow Assist in the Australian market from both caravan manufacturers & end users since its recent launch.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Brüder as one of the most innovative manufacturers in the market” said Ergun Kirmaci, General Manger – Sales & Marketing at AL-KO. To have their support, as a trend setter in the industry is another big step for towing safety in Australia”

The addition of Tow Assist to the EXP-4 and EXP-6 models as an option further solidifies Brüder’s position in the market as a premium builder.

“ At Brüder we use best practise design and engineering principles to ensure the best possible outcome for our customers, and this includes our selection of components” said Bruder co-founder Toby Bosschieter. “The addition of automotive level ABS & sway mitigation made possible with Tow Assist fits perfectly with our premium offering and we are pleased to increase towing safety in any way we can.”

For Australian Brüder customers currently looking to purchase an expedition trailer, Tow Assist is now available as an upgrade option.

“The relatively low cost of fitting Tow Assist is a small price to pay to ensure safety and peace of mind for you and your family. Your insurance company may also offer a premium reduction for having Tow Assist fitted” said Mr Kirmaci.

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