—AL-KO Enduro Cross Country 2.0

Comfort, control and durability perfect for semi-off-road conditions.

The next generation Enduro Cross Country 2.0 is a compact, lightweight trailing arm suspension, designed for comfort, control and durability in semi off-road conditions including bitumen, graded dirt roads and corrugated roads for long distances.

A folded metal suspension arm is paired with a new remote reservoir shock absorber, providing efficient performance while maintaining a very compact, lightweight design that’s 26kg lighter per axle than our previous Enduro Cross Country and has a total weight significantly lower than a corresponding beam axle configuration.

Additional features include automotive grade black eCoat finish for chip resistance, Australian made coil springs, maintenance free bushes and compatibility with drum or disc brakes in addition to AL-KO’s new Tow Assist safety technology.

The new AL-KO Remote Reservoir Shock Absorber

The new AL-KO Remote Reservoir provides premium performance on corrugations for long distances and graded dirt roads.

The increased heat dissipation provided by the remote reservoir eliminates the need for 2 shock absorbers, saving weight without compromising on performance.

— Features & Benefits

  • C Channel design provides significant weight reduction
  • Automotive grade premium black eCoat finish
  • Premium performance on corrugations and graded dirt roads
  • Compact design reduces overall suspension weight

Lower unsprung weight provides performance benefits

Flexibility to suit your braking requirements

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