— AL-KO AMC Motorhome Chassis

AL-KO AMC Chassis – upgrade to the perfect base for your new motorhome

With a combination of clever engineering and premium quality components, the AL-KO AMC Chassis offers the ultimate in comfort and superb driving dynamics, to ensure your holiday begins the moment you set off.

The innovative lightweight construction reduces weight without affecting stability also allowing the payload of the motorhome to be increased without compromising on safety. A low centre of gravity ensures improved stability, whilst the wide track chassis results in better road holding. The interdependent rear torsion bar suspension is included as standard and greatly improves drive performance, transforming bumps into gentle vibrations.


The AL-KO AMC CHASSIS was designed to meet the wishes of holidaymakers and the requirements of motorhome manufacturers.

One of the major benefits is the innovative lightweight technology that makes the AMC CHASSIS significantly lighter without affecting the outstanding stability of the frame.

Increased Payload

With a gross vehicle weight of 4,500-5,000kg ensures higher achievable payloads. The proven AL-KO lightweight chassis saves additional weight in comparison with the original vehicle chassis.

Wide Gauge AMC Chassis

The wide gauge chassis and the resulting wider spring track provides additional performance optimisation and ensures optimum driving safety and comfort.

Larger Vehicle Mass

The AL-KO AMC low frame chassis enables wheelbase variations and a different track width. This ensures sufficient space for your specified body.

AL-KO Trailing Link Axle With Torsion Bar Suspension

The well positioned torsion bar suspension axle provides balanced weight distribution and improves the drive axle traction.


Various additional high tech component options to suit the AMC chassis can further enhance the comfort, safety and value of your motorhome.

AL-KO Comfort Suspension

The AL-KO Comfort Suspension (ACS) for Fiat Ducato front axle motorhome cabs fitted with AL-KO AMC Chassis makes driving both safer and more convenient. Both the shock absorbers and coil springs are suited to the high front axle loads of motorhomes.

  • Linear rate springs with longer travel suspension and optimized shock absorber provides enhanced handling
  • Better lateral stability provides greater safety and comfort
  • Improved road and driving feel due to faster and more responsive steering
  • Upgraded front axle capacity when fitted during AL-KO AMC chassis assembly*
  • Specifically designed for the constant high load requirements of Motorhomes
  • Raises front ride height by 40mm

* Front axle capacity is increased from 2100kg to 2300kg when fitted by AL -KO on a new vehicle with AMC chassis. Can be purchased separately for fitment to the standard Fiat chassis, or retrofitted to any 2007 onwards Fiat Ducato heavy, including vans.

AL-KO Air Premium X4 Air Suspension

The Air Premium X4 air suspension consists of four air suspension units, two on each axle. The air suspension offers unparalleled ride comfort and ensures the vehicle remains at a constant height, independent of the load.

Air Premium X4 allows the front axle to be raised by up to 75mm, and lowered by up to 65mm. The rear axle can be raised by up to 50mm, and lowered by up to 60mm with just the push of a button, even traveling at speeds of up to 25kmph.

AL-KO Level Controller

The AL -KO Level Controller, ALC, replaces the conventional shock absorbers fitted to the vehicle. The fully automatic system ensures optimum ride height of the rear axle, independent of the load, so bumps and steep driveways can be overcome with ease.


Without ALC, even a short overhang can drag on the ground when loaded.


With ALC the rear axle remains at an optimum level, even when fully loaded. Even with a long rear overhang, the ground clearance of the vehicle is maintained.


As a global leader in chassis technology, AL-KO works closely with Fiat all around the world to continually develop the AMC chassis to ensure optimum ride comfort. When purchasing from one of these motorhome manufacturers, insist on a premium AL-KO AMC chassis being fitted to your Fiat cab!

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