New Product Announcement – AL-KO Anti-Theft System (ATS)

The new AL-KO Anti-Theft System (ATS) incorporates state of the art GPS tracking in addition to Nanotag® Microdot technology to provide ultimate, multi-level theft protection.

AL-KO has collaborated with Black Knight Global Tracking Systems, to include a world first, purposely designed GPS global tracking device utilising state of the art M2M (machine to machine) connectivity powered by the Vodafone network.

Unlike other devices that require a sim card and a mobile phone plan with data limits, the arrangement with Vodafone includes unlimited data, and the in-built M2M technology eliminates the requirement for a separate sim card or mobile phone plan while providing global coverage without data roaming charges. The product comes bundled with 12 months connectivity upon purchase.

Users can download and utilise a free iPhone app to receive alerts or track their journey via their smartphone. An innovative Geofence feature alerts the vehicle owner within 15 seconds if it breaches a defined location radius. In addition to the GPS tracking device, The AL-KO ATS kit also includes a Microdot tagging wand powered by Nanotag® Technology.
The wand allows you to tag your vehicle and belongings with microscopic Nanotag Microdots to enable you to prove ownership to the police in the event of theft.

For further information, please visit the AL-KO ATS website where we have commenced collecting registrations of interest from caravan owners to forward to our dealers who come on board as an AL-KO ATS reseller.