AL‑KO releases Enduro™ Touring – On‑road Independent Trailing Arm Suspension

AL-KO has unveiled a new and innovative trailing arm suspension system for on-road caravans and camper trailers at the Queensland Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow.

The new suspension, called Enduro Touring, is the third product in the highly successful Enduro range of suspension systems in as many years, joining the fully offroad Enduro Outback and rough-road Enduro Cross-Country, which were launched in 2015 and 2016.

While Enduro Touring is aimed at on-road vans and campers, it can also be used on graded dirt roads.

Key Features

  • Significantly lighter than corresponding beam and leaf axle setup.
  • Market leading 3 year warranty.
  • Tandem axle ratings to 3500kg ATM (3150GTM). Single axle ratings to 2200KG ATM (2000GTM)
  • Unique fabricated steel construction engineered to minimise weight whilst maintaining strength.
  • Manufactured locally by AL-KO using quality Australian steel.
  • Fitted with AL-KO premium shock absorbers manufactured in Spain and maintenance free automotive grade bushes.
  • Subject to AL-KO’s extreme testing program.

AL-KO’s managing director Peter Mannfolk said Enduro Touring was created to meet consumer demand for a trailing arm suspension system for on-road vans, allowing them to enjoy the same benefits and comfort as offroad vans.

Outlining the significance of the release for the Australian market, Mannfolk said:

“The release of AL-KO Enduro Touring ushers in a new era in suspension for Australian touring vans. AL-KO beam axle and leaf spring suspension remains a reliable and effective solution, however there is also a clear demand for the comfort of independent trailing arm suspension from AL-KO in this segment. Manufacturers are also seeking a light weight suspension offering that does not sacrifice on strength.”

Enduro Touring will be more efficient at absorbing road shocks, leading to “a much smoother towing experience for the driver” and less stress on the caravan, better control as each wheel will rise and fall independently so the van is “less disturbed by the undulations in the road”, better tracking, and a reduced tendency for the wheels to skip.

Like Enduro Outback and Cross-Country, Enduro Touring includes AL-KO shock absorbers which are designed in Australia and made at AL-KO’s factory in Spain, as well as genuine AL-KO drums and brakes.

“Over the past 12 months our engineering team has designed a breakthrough product utilising folded metal trailing arm components to offer ride comfort and strength but also a total suspension weight (including chassis mounts) that is significantly lower in weight than the corresponding beam and leaf axle configuration without sacrificing strength.” Mannfolk continued.

Consistent with existing products in the Enduro range, Enduro Touring was subjected to an extreme testing program at the Anglesea Automotive Research Centre prior to its release, and is designed and manufactured in Australia from high grade Australian steel.

Enduro Touring is available up to 2200kg ATM (2000kg GTM) on a single axle configuration and up to 3500kg ATM (3150kg GTM) on a tandem axle. It comes with a market leading three-year warranty and can now be fitted as standard or as an option on new caravans.

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