AL-KO Now Distributing Hayman Reese Compact IQ Remote Mount Electric Brake Controller

The Compact IQTM has been designed be both easier & less intrusive to install as well as providing the driver with greater control in braking situations.

The dial and LED indicator can be mounted directly into a spare switch panel rather than through the main dashboard or centre console. The brake controller unit can be stored out of sight behind the vehicle’s dashboard – with only the control dials showing on the dash.

The Output Control Dial has two functions.

  1. It lets you set the minimum braking force of the trailer (otherwise known as the ‘Boost’ – a unique feature to the Compact IQ™ as a remote mounted brake control unit) and;
  2. Provides an over-ride function for additional braking power on the trailer when required. The over-ride force can be set by the user and is activated by pressing and holding the Output Control Dial.

The LED indicator shows the various states of the braking system through the use of different colours. It also confirms successful installation. Green indicates the system is connected and operating correctly. Red indicates that the system is active and applying the trailer’s brakes. A flashing red light means there is a connection fault.

The “Boost” feature gives users the ability to apply more or less braking power when necessary.
By adjusting the Boost on the Output Control Dial, users can choose the minimum amount of braking force to apply when the brake pedal is first pressed.

The Hayman Reese Compact IQ™ has been tested by AL-KO engineers and has been deemed compatible with AL-KO ESC.