AL-KO Launches Updated Mechanical Disc Brake Calipers

AL-KO has released a new and improved design of the mechanical caliper to make it even more effective and easy to use.

AL-KO High Quality Mechanical Calipers Designed to suit the toughest marine environments

Brakes on boat trailers have to work in the toughest environment – regularly dunked in the corrosive sea water. Specifically designed for boat trailers, the AL-KO Mechanical Brake Caliper is hot dip galvanised with stainless steel slide bushes and adjusting bolts, so it’s corrosion resistant and practically maintenance free.
What’s more, AL-KO Mechanical Disc Brakes are a lot more affordable than conventional hydraulic brakes.

Product Improvements include:

  • Updated design to enable caliper pads to be changed more quickly and easily
  • Updated pad design
  • Improved anti-rattle system
  • Improved surface finish

The new forward pull version (Item 323300) is now being supplied to replace the previous forward pull mechanical caliper (Item 323100). In addition to the updated caliper design, an updated pad (item 323315) is also being supplied. It is important to note that the new pad is only suitable for fitment to the updated caliper design.