AL-KO Launches New website to help you tow ‘Without A Hitch’

The free website ‘Without A Hitch’ ( launched today, offering a comprehensive online resource to help you have a smooth towing trip.

The site is brought to you by AL-KO, the global market leader in caravan, motorhome and trailer components. It’s a place you can turn to for up-to-date information, practical advice, ‘how to’ guides and handy tips for your caravan, trailer and anything else worth towing.

“AL-KO fields questions every day related to towing. It’s our area of expertise, so we knew we could provide a valuable resource to help people such as caravanners and boat owners get the most out of their lifestyle and set off on the road more confidently,” said Brad Hooper, Marketing Services Manager at AL-KO International. “As the leading supplier of components to the towing industry, we’re in a unique position to help address a wide range of subject areas and help demystify towing. AL-KO wants to be known as a trusted partner,” he said.

For the initial launch, AL-KO has compiled more than 80 articles covering key towing questions, plus a more comprehensive towing eBook. At the site, visitors can subscribe for regular email newsletter updates, as well as sort and search content by their specific interests: from buying a caravan, to maintaining a boat trailer or towing safely.

“We really see this site as a hub for the caravan and marine communities. We’re working together with industry partners to help people on their journey,” Mr Hooper said. “Once the site is further established we’d like to see it become a social channel for people to communicate with others setting off on similar towing journeys. Both the site and our Facebook community will enable this interaction.” will publish regular helpful information, including articles, videos, how-to guide books, and contributions from industry partners in specialist areas.

“Ultimately, Without A Hitch is a resource we want the whole industry and the caravanning and boating community to embrace as a useful tool. AL-KO is just taking the initiative to make this platform possible,” Mr Hooper said

With research showing more and more caravanners are becoming active online, including both ‘Grey Nomads’ and younger families, the site will provide an invaluable resource for those on the road or planning a trip. To this end, it’s optimised for viewing on tablets and mobile devices.

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